Biodroga Bioscience Anti-Age 24hr Rich Cream

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The BIODROGA Black Forest Complex specially developed by us combines the elements of the mysterious and magical Black Forest. It is composed of elderberry extract, lady fern extract and moss cell extract, which creates an effective powerhouse for the skin. The complex strengthens the skin’s own resistance and supports it in its natural protective functions against urban aggressors. Their adaptability to environmental changes such as ex.: climate stress (hot, humid, cold or dry climate) is thereby improved. Our Black Forest Complex optimizes the moisture content of the skin, lets it come to rest, brings it into balance, promotes its regeneration and at the same time gives its special energy that can only be found in the Black Forest. The skin receives youthful vitality and radiance.
Contains macadamia nut oil, shea butter and intensively nourishing and protective jojoba wax. Jojoba wax is a particularly rich plant-based wax. Forms a
delicate lipid film on the skin. Gives the care richness and leaves a relaxed and perfectly cared for skin feeling.


Is a substance produced naturally in the body, which occurs in all living cells.

With increasing age, the Q10 concentration in the skin decreases, thereby also affecting the energy generation in the mitochondria as well as the antioxidative protection. Cell and tissue functions decline, signs of skin aging become visible. Q10 acts as antioxidant and radical scavenger and thus protects the skin from oxidative stress. Premature skin aging is counteracted.


Is a composition of a special FIRMING COMPLEX that has been designed exclusively for BIODROGA, and highly effective POWER PEPTIDES.

Contains a combination of different plant-based active ingredients like the polyphenol silymarin from the blessed milk thistle and the isoflavone genistein from the soybean, supplemented by the antioxidants carnosine and tocopherol. These ingredient components are liposomally encapsulated, thereby guaranteeing a high stability and improved penetration. The effects of the Firming Complex are specifically extended by two very effective anti-aging peptides. These peptides stimulate the collagen synthesis, thus strengthening the density and organization of the extracellular network of the skin. Wrinkles are reduced. The skin gains firmness and density.
Is a biotechnologically produced sugar polymer which is able to increase the moisture content of the skin many times over in a short time. It has a long-lasting moisturizing effect. The skin feels softer and more supple, and sensations of tension are reduced, thus creating an all-round relaxed, pleasant skin feeling. Additionally, the sugar polymer has a soothing effect on irritated skin. It forms a protecting and hydrating film on the skin surface that is responsible for diminished lines and wrinkles.


In this product we refrain from adding:

  • Mineral Oils, Parabens, & Microplastic Particles
  • PEGs
  • Silicones
  • Dyes
  • Animal Based Ingredients
  • Lactose-Containing Ingredients
  • Gluten-Containing Ingredients
  • Fragrances
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